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Mysterious Deposit Makes Driver Millionaire In Hyderabad

Hyderabad (October 09, 2018): Yet another mysterious bank deposit has made an unsuspecting man from Hyderabad an overnight millionaire.

Pardeep Kumar, a driver by profession, was stunned to find Rs49,954,432 listed on his ATM slip when he withdrew his salary on October 8. Just last month, he had Rs18,000 in his bank account, the driver told the journalists.

Kumar immediately notified the bank authorities, who have launched an investigation into the incident. A series of mysterious deposits such as this have surfaced in recent days, as the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) continues its probe in a high-profile money laundering case involving fictitious ‘benami’ bank accounts.Earlier on October 01, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had traced the operator behind street vendor Abdul Qadir’s fake bank account.

FIA had learned that a person identified as Shabir Bobmat—a property dealer by occupation—was clandestinely and illicitly operating the fake account of vendor. In the past 11 months only, Rs110.80 mln were credited in the account. Several other persons were also accomplices in the crime.FIA had also received clues that account was being used to laundered money to a person residing in Dubai. Further investigation into the matter is still underway.

On Sept 29, FIA informed a street side vendor identified as Abdul Qadir about presence of mammoth Rs2 bln cash in latter’s account.

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As per details garnered, Qadir—who was left flabbergasted by FIA’s unforeseen disclosure—stated that he did not know how such a big amount was transferred in his account. On the other hand, FIA is probing the incident in connection with ongoing money laundering investigation.

Talking to media, Qadir—who lived in the house comprising area of just 40 feets—stated he came to know about presence of Rs2bln through a letter penned by FIA.

Qadir professed innocence. He said, “I was told that I had signed in English whereas I can barely sign a document in Urdu”.

Abdul Qadir, a resident of Orangi Town, Karachi, has a small Falooda stall selling the jelly ice-cream treat in the locality.

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