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Mystery Bug Bite Lands Arizona Man in Hospital

Arizona (July 29, 2017): It was just another night taking the trash to the curb in Chandler, Arizona, until Thomas Jay suddenly felt a pinch followed by the “most excruciating pain” of his life.

He swatted off what looked like “a cross between a scorpion and a spider.” Jay was transferred between multiple hospitals until he reached one with a toxicology department as doctors scrambled to diagnose the problem. For now, a few weeks after the bite or sting, he is stable as they await biopsy results, reports

Jay and his wife, Dee Petrov, say the care has been excellent, and that they’ve received a lot of support through their community.

 They’ve also decided to enroll Jay in a case study, and to devote any funds raised above their $10,000 target toward research and education.

Courtesy: Fox news

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