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NA-120 Win Foiled Attempt to Remove Nawaz from Politics: Saad

Lahore (September 22, 2017): The Railways minister Khawaja Rafique said that an attempt to exclude Nawaz Sharif from politics got failure after PML-N victory in NA-120 by poll and passage of electoral bill 2017 from senate.

In his tweet minister said that after the passage of electoral bill from senate the no one could be removed from party leadership forcefully and it will pave the way for Nawaz Sharif to remain as party head.

He commenting over the PML-N victory in NA-120 by poll said, “An attempt to minus Nawaz Sharif from politics has failed and he will remained be the president of the PML-N.”

Hammering PPP and PTI role in today’s senate session he said that opponents have become blind in opposition of PML-N and were trying to cut the same branch where they sat.

“The role played by PPP and PTI in senate’s today session was embarrassing,” he said.

He claimed the same amendment in electoral bill will safe Imran in future.

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