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NA-95: Tribunal Allows Imran Khan To Contest Election

Lahore(June 25, 2018): An appellate tribunal of the Lahore High Court on Monday announced its verdict on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s appeal against the rejection of his candidacy for Mianwali’s NA-95 constituency.

Announcing its decision, the tribunal rejected the RO’s objections and allowed Imran to contest from the constituency.

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Earlier, Appellate tribunal judge Justice Faisal Zaman Khan reserved the verdict today while hearing Imran’s appeal in which he pleaded that the tribunal should reject the decision of the returning officer (RO) to reject his nomination papers.

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During the hearing, Imran’s counsel Babar Awan argued, “My client has declared all his assets.”

“The RO rejected Imran’s nomination papers on technical grounds,” he added.

Awan further said, “The RO while rejecting the PTI chairman’s nomination papers alleged that the affidavit was not submitted on time and that the worth of all of his assets was not mentioned.”Imran’s counsel requested the tribunal to declare the RO’s decision null and void.

“The tribunal should allow Imran to contest the upcoming election from NA-95,” Awan pleaded.

However, lawyer Jahandad Khan told the court, “The oath commissioner has not attested Imran’s affidavit.”“Imran’s signatures are different on every page,” Jahandad further stated.

On Saturday, the appellate tribunal issued a notice to the returning officer and other parties after Imran’s nomination papers were rejected from NA-95 Mianwali constituency.

Appellate Tribunals Continue To Hear Appeals:

Appellate Tribunals continue to hear the appeals filed against acceptance or rejection of nomination papers for the National and provincial assemblies’ seats.

Wednesday is the last day for the decisions on these appeals.

The revised list of candidates will be published the following day. The candidates can withdraw their nomination papers by 29th of this month.The ECP will allot election symbols to the candidates on 30th of this month. Polling for the general elections will be held on the 25th of next month.

NA 243: Appellate Tribunal Overrule Petition Against Imran:

An appellate tribunal on Saturday overruled a petition against PTI chief Imran Khan’s candidature from NA-243 Karachi.

On June 12, a member of Justice and Democratic party Abdul Wahab Baloch filed an appeal against Imran’s nomination papers filed from the constituency with a returning officer today over the Sita White case.

The returning officer rejected the petition, following which, Baloch then filed an appeal with the appellate tribunal.

The PTI chairman submitted nominations from National Assembly constituencies in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Mianwali.On the other hand, An appellate tribunal of the Lahore High Court on Saturday issued a notice to the returning officer and other parties after Imran’s nomination papers were rejected from NA-95 Mianwali constituency.

Justice Faisal Zaman Khan heard Imran’s appeal against the returning officer’s decision to reject his candidature.

Imran’s lawyer Babar Awan argued that the returning officer had not considered the facts. He asserted that the RO had rejected Imran’s nomination papers by stating the candidate had not submitted an affidavit before the deadline.Awan contended that a person’s candidature could not be rejected on a ‘technical basis.’

Speaking to the media outside the court, Imran’s lawyer said the PTI chief’s nomination papers were rejected for not disclosing his wife’s property and jewellery in the documents detailing his assets ownership.

Awan requested the tribunal to overrule the returning officer’s decision.

The hearing was then adjourned till June 25(today).

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