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NAB Assures To Serve Justice For Cheema

Lahore (February 27, 2018): The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Monday assured to provide justice to former LDA DG Ahad Cheema and added that no government servant is given immunity from accountability.

NAB spokesperson said that they will fulfill all the requirements of justice in Ahad Cheema’s case. He said that they believe in justice for all. The spokesperson said that Punjab’s bureaucracy hailed NAB for allowing Cheem’s wife to meet her husband.      Earlier in the day, the NAB authorities on Monday allowed the wife of Ahad Cheema to meet him at NAB Headquarters in Lahore.

Meeting with Ahad Cheema at NAB office, his wife Saima Cheema assured him of the support of the whole bureaucracy. In the meeting, Ahad Cheema expressed satisfaction at the treatments he is receiving in custody.The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) also released a photo of former LDA DG Ahad Cheema’s meeting with his wife following accusations from the latter for not allowing the two to meet.

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According to a notification issued by the apex anti-corruption organisation, Chairman NAB Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal had allowed the meeting on the basis of humanitarian grounds. The bureau has performed its duties while remaining under legal boundaries and does not believe in inappropriate behaviour, states the notification.

There was no interference during the hour-long meeting, stated NAB, adding that the bureau respects the self-respect of all individuals.”Cheema is hail and hearty in NAB’s custody and the released picture is a visual representation of the same,” said the NAB notification.

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