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NAB Denies Alleged Torture of Under Custody Suspects

Islamabad (November 24, 2018): The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has denied allegations of torture of suspects or accused individuals under its custody, according to a statement issued by the anti-graft body on Friday.

The anti-corruption watchdog said in its statement that NAB officials present every accused before accountability courts for the sake of remand.

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“No accused person complained of torture during custody, neither anyone termed NAB detention facilities torture cells,” it said.

“Self-respect of every accused individual is taken care of and investigations regarding them are conducted on scientific basis.”The NAB termed the “stories” of mistreatment and torture cells part of an “aggressive and organised propaganda.

“The propaganda is being carried out in order to prevent the NAB from taking action in accordance with the law,” the statement read.The anti-graft body said it was functioning without taking any pressure into account.

“The NAB believes in the policy of non-violence,” it added.

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