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NAB Is An Independent Institution: Law Minister

Islamabad (October 17, 2018): Law Minister Farogh Naseem while addressing the National Assembly said that on Wednesday that “I would like to remind the opposition leader that prejudiced matters cannot be discussed in the National Assembly.

Any case ongoing in the court cannot be discussed here as this is not a court of law and cannot decide whether NAB’s inquiry is legal or not.”

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Dismissing Shehbaz’s claim that his arrest was a combined act of the NAB and the PTI-led government, Naseem said, “NAB has the power to arrest whether the issue is pending or not.

The accountability bureau is an independent institution and did what it did without any interference from the government.”

To this, Shehbaz asserted, “I have not spoken about cases in court. I talked about the serious allegations that have been levelled against me.”

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