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NAB Never Bars HRC Visiting Its Prisons

ISLAMABAD: Spokesman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has said that the anti-graft body is the largest institution of the country working for the eradication of corruption while the anti-corruption body never barred Human rights commission visiting the prison of the NAB.

Clarifying the media reports strictly the NAB spokesman said that the anti-corruption body believed in to carry out its duties in the chairmanship of Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal.

Press release issued by the NAB said that the anti-graft body never stopped human rights commission visiting the NAB prison.

The press release also read that the NAB does not believe in hurting someone and undermining someone self-respect while journalists have already visited the NAB prison and informed the critics about the actual situation.

The press release also said that the aggressive campaign against the body seems the result of the NAB actions against the eradication of corruption and actions according to law.