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NAB Rejects Allegations of Delaying Treatment To Nawaz Sharif

LAHORE: National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has categorically rejected allegations of delaying Nawaz Sharif’s treatment.

In its press release, the NAB said that the allegations of transferring Nawaz Sharif for treatment to hospital delayed are totally baseless while ex-premier has been transferred to the hospital for medical examination and increasing his platelets level while a team of doctors will always be available around the clock to provide him medical facilities.

The spokesman said that the NAB had taken facilities of three doctors of Punjab Institute of cardiology and paramedical staff to deal with the emergency situation.

The press release informed that doctors and paramedical staff were present at the NAB’s Lahore dispensary around the clock. Nawaz Sharif repeatedly refused to take medical facilities offered by the NAB Lahore. The staff of Sharif Medical complex has used to of taking his blood samples while ex-premier family doctor Adnan hold long meetings with Nawaz Sharif on October 11, 19 and 21 while Nawaz Sharif used to of taking medicines prescribed by Dr. Adnan regularly.

According to the NAB, Dr. Adnan informed the unsatisfied report regarding the ex-premier at 8:41 pm and he leaked the medical report on social media at 9 pm. While on a request of Shahbaz Sharif he was allowed to meet his elder brother and on his insistence Nawaz Sharif agreed to transfer to the hospital.