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Nabeel Gabol Fights With A Passenger At Karachi Airport

Karachi (August 05, 2018):  A row between PPP’s  Nabeel Gabol and a passenger at the Jinnah International Airport was caught on camera, Saturday night.

The video clip, likely filmed by a bystander, shows that the passenger first passed a sarcastic remark to Gabol over the destruction in Lyari, which infuriated the latter.

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Initially, the two had a heated exchange, which, quite rapidly, turned more serious and abuses could be heard hurled at each other. The PPPP member then manhandled the passenger, shoving him and causing him to fall to the ground, whereafter the latter tried to call airport staff and security for help but the efforts remained futile.

As the spat transpired, the footage shows passengers and airport staff being an audience but doing nothing to break up the fight.Gabol can also be seen telling the airport staff in a commanding manner to take the passenger away from the scene.

In this regard, officers from the Airport police station commented that they were not aware of any such incident and that neither the PPPP leader nor the passenger had pressed charges, and, hence, no first information report (FIR) was filed.

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