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NAB’s Prevention Committee Starts Implementation on Halted Projects of Worth Millions

LAHORE: The Prevention committee of the anti-corruption body, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has started implementation on halted projects worth of Rs 1.86 billion of the department of mines and mineral which will earn profit for the provincial government of up to Rs 1.31 billion.

According to the NAB, the mentioned 86 projects and halted other 63 projects of worth Rs 312 million were in pipeline of to be approved for a long time while laziness of the environment protection department had been incurred a daily loss of Rs 2.5 million

Now, The NAB’s Lahore prevention committee has issued approval of 82 agreements in just one month period.

According to the NAB Lahore, the provincial government will earn Rs 1.31 billion as a whole while the environment protection department has ensured approval of other lease agreements at earliest