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Najam Sethi withdraws from ICC chairmanship

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Executive Committee’s chief Najam Sethi has resigned from PCB chairmanship, he said to nominate former great cricketer for PCB council’s presidency in a message via social networking site that.

Meanwhile, under a new constitution of International Cricket Council (ICC), chairman has all powers and chief executive assists him, while the position of presidency would stay at rest formally.However, ICC’s president would be representative of Pakistan from July 1, while PCB had nominated Najam Sethi for the post, who has to take the post of Presidency in the annual meeting of Council’s presidency at the end of the month.

However, Najam Sethi has announced to withdraw from the post before taking it’s responsibility.He congratulated Pakistani team and whole nation for restoration of international cricket in Pakistan after six years. He further said that peaceful conduct of Zimbabwe series would pave the way for more teams to come in Pakistan.

On this event, he urged PCB to nominate former great cricketer for PCB council’s presidency, while he announced to step down from the chairmanship of PCB.