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Narendra Modi Claims New India Decisive, Fearless

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that today’s India is decisive and fearless and there is fear among those who are against the nation. Modi also said that events in the last few days have displayed the influence of India’s foreign policy.

“This fear is good. When the enemy fears India’s valour, it is good. If terrorists are scared of armed forces, it is good, ”Modi said addressing the India Today Conclave in New Delhi.

“India is working on a new policy. New India is fearless, decisive. In India and outside, those against the country are scared now,” he added.

Modi further said that the new India is dependent on its own, trying to overcome existing challenges. Taking a swipe at opposition leaders, Modi said that the country faces a new challenge before it, from those who choose to laugh at their own country.

“There is a new challenge. That is laughing on your own country. When the entire nation is with forces, some people are doubting the armed forces. While the rest of the world is supporting us in the fight against terrorism, some are saying things that is helping our enemies. Modis will come and go but the country will remain, ” the Indian premier said.

The PM also sought to dent Congress party’s attack against him over the Rafale deal and said the events in the last few days showed that the outcome may have been different had India had the fighter jet in its possession.”While the last few days saw the entire country united as one, some felt that the results would have been different if we had Rafale.”

Discussing his first few days in office, the Indian PM said that people in discussions would question what Modi knows about foreign policy, which was quite normal. “But now, the country knows the impact of world diplomacy.”

The Indian PM further accused the opposition of ignoring the demands of the armed forces during the UPA tenure. He said that in 2009, the armed forces demanded over 1,00,00 jackets but none was provided. “Our 55 months and their 55 years gave two contrasting governments. India was battling poverty. They did not work to remove it. They just gave token slogan of gareebi hatao”.

Modi, while speaking of achievements of his government, also touched upon a number of schemes. Speaking about Ayushman Bharat, he said that now no Indian will be deprived of proper health care. On Ujjwala, the PM pointed out that his government has provided gas connections to crores of families in the country.