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NASA’s spacecraft Juno enters into Jupiter, new chapter of space exploration opened

NASA’s spacecraft Juno has entered into Jupiter, which is the biggest planet of the solar system.However, new chapter of space exploration has been opened from it’s success.

NASA has confirmed that it’s spacecraft Juno has entered into the orbit of  Jupiter while it has declared the success of space exploration as milestone.

Whereas, Juno spacecraft was prepared by more than a billion dollar of investment, NASA’s Principal Investigator Scott Bolton has payed tribute to his team over their success.As, Juno was departed towards Jupiter from five years before.During that time, Juno traveled 2.7 billion km of distance, however it travels with a speed of 1,30,000 km per hour while it would be in the orbit of Jupiter in next 20 weeks.

Scott Bolton, principal   researcher of south-west research institute of Texas state said that he  has been awaiting Juno’s mission start with  impatient, but he has had reservations that something went wrong, while in an interview to British TV he said Jupiter’s everything is big and its radiation is very hard fro any plane. Its magnetic field is strongest and it is mobbing with incredible speed, we have to withstand for this environment, thus this space craft has made like any armored tank.

NASA’s experts clarified Juno’s orbit in a such a way that it should not have passed around Jupiter dangerous regions as engineers have kept hidden on behind  of Titanium’s thick layers in order to safe  sensitive electronic  devices from radiation. Although, despite of it is guessed that camera of this craft would  close work till 2018. This mission  will be continued till February 2018  after which committing suicide by diving in within nine Jupiter atmosphere.