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Nasim Aghdam Was Upset With YouTube Policies: Police  

Washington (April 05, 2018): The woman who opened fire at YouTube headquarters Tuesday practiced shooting at a gun range hours before the attack, police said.

She then took her 9 mm Smith & Wesson handgun to the Silicon Valley campus and shot three people she apparently didn’t know, San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said.All this because Nasim Najafi Aghdam was upset with YouTube’s practices and policies. “We know she was upset with YouTube, and now we’ve determined that was the motive,” Barberini said.Aghdam shot and wounded three people before killing herself. Two of her victims have been released from the hospital, and one remains in serious condition.Barberini said the shooter did not have a link to the three people she shot. Police are investigating a website that appears to show the same woman accusing YouTube of restricting her videos.

Whereas Aghdam’s brother said he warned police his sister “might do something.” His concerns started over the weekend when Aghdam stopped answering her phone in Southern California, her brother told the journalists. He said he warned police that “she went all the way from San Diego, so she might do something.”

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