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Nawaz Likens Panama Verdict as ‘Punishment of Whole Country’

Islamabad (September 26, 2017): Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday called for letting 200 million people to decide qualification and disqualification of their representatives.

Addressing a press conference at Punjab House, he said that he was facing fake and fabricated cases and was being sentenced in these engineered cases.

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However, he added that he had decided to fight the case of Quaid’s Pakistan and for the rights of people of the country.

The former Prime Minister harshly criticize the Supreme Court verdict disqualifying him.He added that despite grave violations of requirements of justice they joined the court proceeding in Panama case, but the outcome was shocking as he was disqualified not for Panama or any corruption rather over Iqama.

“In September ten years ago — on the same PIA flight PK 786 — when I returned to Pakistan, I was not allowed to leave the Islamabad airport,” he recalled.“Fleeing from the courts is not our way. We respect the constitution and the courts. I have [in the past] worn handcuffs and been arrested. I have experienced the implementation of law and justice during a military regime,” he said.Turning his attention to the Panama Papers case, he said that “when they could not find proof [of his wrongdoing], they made a joint investigation team. The same courts and judges announced the decision and told the National Accountability Bureau [NAB] to open references.”

“Then the same court took control of NAB,” he alleged. “If necessary, this same court will listen to my last appeal as well.”“Is this how justice works?” he asked. “Is this what we call the rule of law? Does Article 10 [of the Constitution] say this — is this what it means by a fair trial?”

He said that the how they had faith in such a decision as no one was ready to accept it.

He added that the same court which had declared the Panama petitions frivolous later took up the same for hearing and constituted JIT mysteriously.Bashing those who said held fled the country when he went to London,  Nawaz said that everyone knew why he went to London.

At the outset of the news conference Nawaz expressed his regret over an incident in the morning during his appearance before the accountability court, wherein security official manhandled a journalist.He said that he had asked Talal Chaudhry to devise strategy so that such incidents did not happen again in future.

He added that he was supporter of free media and tried to facilitate media during his four year rule.

Senior PML-N leaders including Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Ishaq Dar, and other were also present in the press conference.

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