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Nawaz Sharif Has Decided to Spend His rest of Life in London: Rasheed

KARACHI: Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Monday claimed that former minister Nawaz Sharif has decided to spend the rest of his life in London.

Addressing a presser in Karachi, Sheikh Rasheed said Nawaz Sharif should have returned to the country after court orders.”He has chocked his politics by himself.”

The minister questioned former prime minister to reveal how many donations he received from Osama Bin Laden and who was behind character assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

Opposition parties can achieve nothing through their APC, Sheikh Rasheed said and added that Prime Minister Imran Khan has strong nerves and the government and Pakistan Army are on the same page.

“Opposition trying to create chaos in the country.”

Holding money launderers responsible for the increasing inflation in the country, he claimed that whoever looted the national exchequer will go in jail till December 31.