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Nawaz Sharif Vision Will Be Followed For Economic Policy: Rana Sanaullah

London: Federal Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah has said that the country has two liars one Imran Khan and second a evil of Rawalpindi referring to Shaikh Rasheed.

Talking to media in London, Rana Sanaullah was responding on Shaikh Rashid statement.

The Minister said that ex-pm Imran Khan had brokered deal with International Monetary Fund (IMF) and masses should condemned him who threw the country in the worst economic situation.

The Interior Minister also declared the PTI chief responsible for uncontrolled US dollar.

He said that the government has to move as per the vision of PML-N life time supremo Nawaz Sharif regarding justice system, election reforms and for an economic policies.

He said that they (PML-N delegation ) have come to London to receive instructions from Nawaz Sharif instead of taking decisions.

Sarcastically hitting Imran Khan, he said that if his, (maid) referring to Shaikh Rashid, wakes up his sleeping boss, he would have not known about dollar prices from television.

He said that Imran Khan should catch an aristotle who by taking the economy up through lift brought it to verge of death.

He said that the PTI chief is responsible for drowning of masses into inflation adding that the murderer of economy are acting of being oppressed today.

The Minister said that not only economy will be fixed but politics of lies as well.