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Never Disrespected ECP or Other Institutions: Imran

Islamabad (October 26, 2017): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan has said that he never intended to disrespect any institutions including Election Commission of Pakistan, adding that his criticism was only aimed at making ECP more credible and independent.

Talking to media after appearing before ECP in contempt of court case, he said that he was pleased the ECP dropped the contempt of court case against him.

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He added that he never tried to belittle ECP of any intuitions, saying that his 21-years long struggle has been for making ECP and courts independent and credible.

Khan said that after 2013 elections every party alleged that the elections were rigged, saying that he want the ECP to be credible and independent like the Comission of the neighboring country where no one points fingers at Election Commission or level allegations of rigging after elections.He said that unfortunately in Pakistan every election held after 1971 were controversial and tainted. He added that PTI’s 126-day sit-in was also aimed at fair and free elections in the country.

Regarding his criticism, he said that whatever he said about ECP was in reaction and was not meant to degrade or malign the institution. He said that when ECP issued his non-bailable arrest warrant he was saddened.The PTI chief said that he never used the language being used by “Moto Gang”, a reference Khan often used for PML-N and Sharif family.

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