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New Border Terminals Planned To Push Trade With Kabul, Delhi

Islamabad (January 04, 2018): In an effort to fully exploit the geostrategic position of Pakistan and make it a potential hub of transit trade, the National Logistics Cell (NLC) has chalked out a comprehensive plan for setting up new border terminals at key entry and exit points with neighbouring countries.

Apart from this, the NLC – a state-owned company – will upgrade existing terminals at Chaman, Torkham and Wagah.In addition to facilitating the smooth flow of trade at economical costs, the NLC’s border terminals are playing an important role in regulating cross-border movement of cargo and passenger traffic, according to a statement issued by the NLC.
The terminals have become an important component of the overall border management system.

Modern border posts for monitoring the flow of goods are inevitable in order to curb smuggling and illegal trade that deals a heavy blow to domestic traders. There had been excessive complaints in the past that goods meant for Afghanistan under the transit trade arrangement find their way back into Pakistan at cheaper prices.

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