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NEW DELHI: Forensic report issued over matter of beef

The Forensic report have come in front over rumour of eating beef and as well as over matter of killing. According to forensic report, the meat which was kept in fridge were goat not cow.

One Muslim have been killed over rumour for eating of cow by the secularist of Indian extremist in Uttar Pradesh state.

Last day, suburban area of Dadri in Bsahra village capital of Delhi , over rumour of eating of cow one of crowd was killed by beating Ikhalq Ahmed. However, forensic report being issued over matter of meat. According to which, the  meat which was kept in Ikhlaq house was goat not a cow.

Not only this, ruling party of BJP leader Sanjay Rana’s son was involved for killing of blacksmith Muslim Ikhlaq. However, Modi Sarkar are kept complete silent over matter of brutality.