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Newly Married Couple Seeks Security From Bilawal Bhutto

Sahiwal(February 13, 2018): A newly married couple from Sindh has migrated to Punjab to save their lives.

According to the details, Ali Gul and Naseema conducted a press conference in Sahiwal.

They told media that, they have life threats in Sindh.

Naseema’s relatives not only have threatened them but also fired at their home many times.

They further said that the accused are influential people that’s why police are not cooperating with them.

Naseema told that her relatives want to take over her property and using her marriage as a tool.

Ali Gul told media, that he works as a chef in Makli bazar but he had to leave everything to save his life.

He said that I and my wife are ready to give up our property as well but all we need is security.They appealed Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to provide them security.

Ali Gul and Naseema did Nikah on October 15, 2016, and are living in a shelter near Ravi river. He said that we did not commit any sin we did a proper Nikah but still, Sindh police have failed to secure us.

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