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Nisar orders each CNIC to be re-attested

Interior Minister Chaodhary Nisar has said that the computerized national identity card of each Pakistani would be re-attested and ordered NADRA to finalized strategy in two days in this connection as the NIC of foreigners would be blocked immediately.

An important meeting of interior ministry was held in Chaudhary Nisar chair and meeting has decided to re-attest all CNIC following the claims that slain leader of Afghan Tailban had Pakistani identity card most of the time unchecked and it was also decided that the NIC of foreigners would be blocked immediately while the re-attestation procession would be kicked off after the approval of strategy.

Interior minister told the meeting that the wrong perception was given over Pakistan CNIC citing any one could use it but now message to the world would be delivered that to getting Pakistani CNIC was difficult one and its procedure to much trustable.

He lamenting on NADRA said that corruption and NADRA could not go together and for wiping out corruption the step will be taken on war footed basis.