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Nisar Flays Trump for ‘Billions and Billions of Dollars’ Aid Claim

Islamabad (August 30, 2017) Former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Wednesday harshly criticized US President Donald Trump’s new policy for Afghanistan and South Asia.

Taking part in the debate in the National Assembly on Trump’s allegations against Pakistan and threats, the former minister said that Pakistan was in no way responsible for the failure of US and its allies in Afghanistan.

He also lashed the US President for his statement of paying “billions and billions of dollars” to Pakistan. He said that Trump statement was ridiculous and disrespect to Pakistan and Pakistanis.

He urged government to put on the table the record of past 20 years to expose American claims.

“It’s not billions of dollars, it is peanuts,” the former interior minister said. Nisar said that the Coalition Support Fund paid by US is for the services rendered by Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.

He said that the US drags its feet during the payment of the military fund, adding, “If our bill [for military services] is $500 million, they [US] sit on it for months… and end up giving us $200 million.”

“They have ruined our roads, our airspace, our country, but are not ready to pay for the expenses,” he added

Agreeing with Opposition leader Khursheed Shah, he said that a joint session of the parliament should have been called to discuss the response to the US policy instead of a National Assembly session.

A message conveyed from the united parliament would be positive, he added.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader and former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi appreciated the unity displayed by the government and opposition lawmakers in responding to Trump’s statement.

“These speeches go to show that Pakistan has rejected Trump’s statement with unity.”

“Trump said that Pakistan is not doing enough in the war against terrorism, but tell me one nation that has paid a higher price of this war,” Qureshi said.

“Our army, our police, even our own people, have lost their lives in this war; no other country can say they have done as much.”

He said while Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif’s plan to visit China, Russia and Turkey for consultations on the new American policy is good, the minister should also visit Iran, with whom both Pakistan and Afghanistan share borders.

Other members of the National Assembly while taking part in the debate strongly denounced the statement made by US President Donald Trump and said that the whole nation was on one page against the US new policy.

They said the whole nation and all the political parties are united to safeguard the nation’s interests. They said that Pakistan is a strong and courageous nation and Pakistanis know well how to defend their motherland.

They said the foreign policy should be reviewed keeping in view national interests and the changing geo-political situation.

They said that a joint session of the parliament should be summoned to give a strong and clear message to Donald Trump.

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