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Maryam Nawaz Name is Not in Dawn Leaks Report: Nisar

Taxila (November 4, 2017): The former interior minister and disgruntle PML-N leader Chaudhary Nisar once again repeated his demand to public Dawn Leaks report, however he turned down news that the Maryam Nawaz name is revealed in report.

“Maryam Nawaz name  is not mentioned in Dawn Leaks report, however the report should be made public,” Ch Nisar said while talking to a political gathering in Taxila.

Nisar admitted that PML-N is facing many difficulties, however former premier Nawaz Sharif’s presence in Pakistan would put an end to ambiguity and that there should extensive talks within the political party.

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He advised the party that PML-N should kick off its election campaign that will essential to keep masses in contact.

He mentioned that Taxila was not his constituency but he was serving people as each politician should consider entire country his constituency.

Nisar said that the constitutional amendments that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is making efforts for are in the interest of Pakistan and the democracy. He said that all reservations over the amendments would be addressed.

The ex-minister said that no one should get an idea that off his statement that he is criticising the interior ministry.

Nisar said that all cases that are taken up by military courts are forwarded by provincial governments and in case of some clerical delay, the government should not be blamed.

The ex-minister said that he would contest General Elections 2018 in two constituencies.

He said that the ministry took stern actions against violators of the law in his leadership and he is not sure if his successors can do the same.

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