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No Change In Pakistan’s Policy On Israel: FO Spokesperson

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal has said talks with can’t be held with India as its hypocrisy is in full swing.

Addressing a weekly press briefing in the foreign office, Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal said that India has turned occupied Kashmir into a prison where media and internet have been banned while continuous curfew in the valley has created a shortage of medicines and food.

The Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal said that Kashmiris are protesting against Indian action of scrapping its special status adding that spaces in prisons of the valley are out of space as huge number of Kashmiris have been arrested.

Reiterating condemnation of Indian mover the spokesman demanded to release Kashmiris leadership and stop deceiving the world adding that whatever India says it can’t change the realities while he said that Kashmir is a disputed issue which has to be decided and progress can’t be made until Kashmiris sentiments would be addressed.

He said that Pakistan never backtracked from bilateral talks between India and Pakistan while India is not ready for holding dialogues adding that India sometimes declares the Kashmir issue as an internal and sometimes international but it can not change the reality while India has trapped internationally through its unilateral action.

The spokesman informed that technical level talks will be held with India on the Kartarpur Corridor at Zero Point tomorrow while Pakistan has continued its side of the work on the project.

On a query regarding counselor access to India spy Kulbhushan he said that they are in touch with the Indian government.

Regarding Pakistan’s policy on Israel, he said that Pakistan has clear policy on Israel and no change made in it.