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No need of speech, press release was enough to announce JC: PPP

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) responding over Prime Minister (PM) speech, has said that the PM has made policy statement to joke adding that the premier should issue press statement instead of giving speech for the  announcement of formation of judicial commission in chair of Chief Justice.

The PPP leaders Qamar Uzaman Kaira and Faisal Kareem Kundi addressing a presser in Islamabad, said that prime minister speech represented policy guide line in which policy has been stated rather than resorted oppression on himself.

The PPP leaders said that they will not let the issue of the Panama leaks wrap under carpet which is aspiration of the government adding that before writing to Chief Justice of Pakistan the government should settle term of reference with opposition parties.

They leaders also demanded that the copy of the letter which will be written to the CJ, must be provided to the opposition parties that everyone could know what government has written adding that they will not allow policy of protraction on the Panama issue.