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Bilawal Urges US, NATO To Admit Failures In Afghanistan

Washington (February 13, 2018)- Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that they wanted good relations with all countries especially with the neighbours and no one should expect Pakistan to server ties with China and Iran.

He was giving an interview to Russian media in Washington. Bilawal said that the war in Afghanistan is being stretched too far and the United States has forgotten as to for what reasons and purpose it had come to the Afghan land.“More than 75 percent area in Afghanistan is witnessing terror attacks while the militants control over 45 percent of the Afghan land,” he said adding that Pakistan wanted peace in Afghanistan but the peace process should be led by the Afghan people.

He said that the US and NATO had failed in Afghanistan and both should admit their failures and revive the future strategy to deal with the situation.Responding to query regarding Arab spring movements Bilawal said that these movements has restored democracy and appease the western world. He, however, said that the it is the right of the people of the country to decide their fate including those in Syria.

Bilawal said that Pakistan and Russia are coming closer to each other and PPP wanted relationship with each country on the basis of respect and equality.

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