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No Record of Gulf Steel Mills Sale, UAE Tells JIT

Dubai (July 11, 2017): The United Arab Emirates government had replied to the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) that the Dubai Courts did not have any record of Gulf Steel Mills sale, scrap of Gulf Steel Mills sent to Jeddah or transaction worth AED 12 million.

As per Volume-III of the report, the UAE’s ministry of justice replied to JIT that the share sale of 25% agreement of 1980 of Ahli Steel Mills dated 14/4/1980 according to your request does not exist.

“That no transaction worth AED 12,000,000 (twelve million Dirhams) as sale proceeds of 25% shares of Ahli Steel Mills (erstwhile Gulf Steel Mills) ever took place in name of Mr. Muhammad Tariq Shafi,” the ministry added.

Another question asked by the JIT referred to the transport of scrap machinery from Ahli Steel Mills to Al Azizia Steel Mills, the UAE’s ministry of justice replied that no scrap machinery was transported from Dubai to Jeddah during 2001 – 2002.

“The section heavily criticises PM’s cousin Tariq Shafi for submitting “factually incorrect, speculative, tampered and misleading affidavits which he produced before SC”.

It also maintains that the UAE government has also testified, through written information to JIT, that share sale agreement of 1980 produced by all the respondents under an affidavit in SC does not exist, “hence the document provided is unauthentic, fictitious and fabricated while the notarisation of the said document has also been proved to be fictitious and illegal.”

It also maintains that the available and produced documents, record, circumstantial evidence and discrepancies, inconsistencies of Shafi and respondents also establish that the sale proceeds of Gulf steel mills never reached Jeddah, Qatar or the UK.

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