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No Terrorist Will Be Spared: Ali Zaidi

QUETTA: Federal Minister of Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi on Saturday said that no government can change the government in just eight months time.

As per details, Ali Zaidi addressing to media in Quetta said that security of every citizen is the state’s responsibility and we will ensure to make it possible. Whoever is involved in it will not be spared.

Ali Zaidi said, “Pakistan fought brilliantly well in the war against terrorism now its time to concentrate on poverty, health, education and employment opportunities.”

He said, “Terrorism has no religion, all the terrorists are mentally unstable persons.”

“We can overcome terrorism by educating people,” said Ali Zaidi.

“It is hard for me to talk over such sensitive issues,” added Zaidi.

Earlier today, Ali Zaidi went to Quetta for the condolences on the loss of human lives in yesterday’s blast in Quetta’s Hazarganji area.