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Not Able To Help Understand Selected Govt: Asif Zardari

ISLAMABAD: Ex-president and co-chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Asif Zardari has claimed that the government who came to power through selection how he can help understand.

Media persons hurled several questions to Asif Zardari before his participation in the NA session outside the parliament regarding the budget.

A journalist asked him that “PMSA on Information has said that approval of the budget in the NA  is a failure of the opposition” on which, Asif Zardari responded that “it is a  selected government and how I can help it understand.”

On another query regarding the budget, the ex-president said that “the budget got bulldozed instead of passed.”

Another asked what about the matter regarding the Chairman Senate? Over which he said that he did not receive information in the prison.