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Now You Can Travel Anywhere in World in Just 5 Hours!!

Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of the aerospace company Boom Supersonic, is on the path to making this a reality.

It’s been nearly 20 years since one of the world’s first supersonic passenger jets, the Concorde, last flew. Boom is stepping into the void with plans to roll out its supersonic airliner, in 2025 and welcome passengers by 2029. 

Scholl said Boom’s mission “is to make high-speed travel mainstream and to make the world dramatically more accessible,” but achieving this goal in a highly regulated industry that has been slow to innovate will require some impressive feats of technology.

These include harnessing advanced computing technologies to run the data-intensive simulations that allow engineers to design and develop the airplane of the future. It’s why Scholl and his team have rooted Boom’s tech infrastructure in AWS cloud services and solutions.