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Nusrat Sehar Abbasi Refuses to Become Part of Karachi Committee

KARACHI: The leader of the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) Nusrat Sehar Abbasi denied becoming the party of the Karachi committee, which was formed by the federal government to solve city issues.

Talking to Abbtakk News she said that under the article 149-4 federation can only give direction to the provinces, however, it depends on provinces either they accept federal government instruction or not.

“Karachi situation is not suitable to impose article 149 but we should not only focus on Karachi as entire Sindh has reached the brink of destruction and the whole infrastructure has deteriorated, she said adding that if committee formed for entire Sindh she will be part of it.

GDA leader said setting up Karachi committee the impression was given that Karachi is being separated from Sindh but federation should share its part to solve city issues.