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Official Teaser of Malala’s Biopic ‘Gul Makai’ is Out Now

Web Desk (July 13, 2018): First-look teaser of Malala’s biopic entitled ‘Gul Makai’ have been revealed on the 21st birthday of world’s youngest Nobel Laureate.

‘Gul Makai’ traces the struggles and achievements in Pakistani activist Malala Yousufzai’s life in Taliban-held Swat.

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The teaser starts off with an intriguing voiceover by Kabir Bedi in which he says, ‘When God said Jihaad he meant the spirit of fighting all that is dark and benevolent. But the need and greed of some human beings changed that meaning into something else…’The film stars Reem Sheikh, Divya Dutta and late actor Om Puri along with various others in pivotal roles.

Malala used Gul Makai as her pen name when she started writing blogs and thus, film was named after. The makers are yet to announce the release date of the film.

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