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OGRA levy heavy fines on five oil marketing companies

ISLAMABAD: Oil and Gas Regularity Authority (OGRA) has levied heavy fines on five oil marketing companies that violated law. The companies were made new pumps against the law.

According to the OGRA sources OGRA has taken the notice of making 184 news pumps of five oil marketing companies. All that pumps were made against violating the law by the oil companies. While OGRA had been issued directions to all the oil companies four years ago regarding opening new pumps.

Oil marketing companies were allowed to open pumps according to their petrol storage. Oil companies has opened new pumps on large numbers which cause supply problems. Due to the lack of supply public had to face problems on petrol pumps.

OGRA has levied 0.1million fine on each petrol pump. OGRA officials has levied 58.4 million fines on five oil marketing companies. Fine were levied on Askari, Admore, Hascol, Byco and OTCL companies.