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One killed, Six Wounded in Shooting in Toulouse, France  

Paris (July 4, 2017): At least one person was killed and six others injured in a shooting in southern French city of Toulouse on Monday evening, local media reported.

The shooting took place in the Abbal square in Toulouse around 9:00pm local time when several assailants riding a motorcycle opened fire on a crowd before fleeing the scene.

Two people are reported to be in a critical condition. Police have cordoned off the area and have launched an investigation. The investigation is now being led by the Regional Service of Judicial Police (SRPJ) of Toulouse.

Authorities believe the potential motive behind the drive-by shooting could be criminal and lacking terrorist intent, initial reports suggest. The deceased victim was known to police and was a suspect in another murder case last year.

The shooting in Toulouse comes just hours after French President Emmanuel Macron said he would lift the state of emergency in France by the end of the year.

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