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One Of Sindh Provincial Minister Is Trying To Divert Attention From Real Issue: Zaidi

Islamabad: Federal Minister Ali Zaidi says the provincial minister is trying unsuccessfully to divert attention from the real issue.

In a statement issued on the social networking website Twitter, Federal Minister Ali Zaidi said that the names of the powerful politicians who are patronizing Uzair Baloch are in JIT are roaming free adding that those who patronize Uzair Baloch should be brought to justice.

He wrote on Twitter, “A drug peddling provincial minister unsuccessfully trying to divert attention from the real issue. Uzair Baloch is in the custody of LEA’s for yrs, but those powerful political figures who used him & are clearly mentioned in the JIT’s roam free. They must be brought to justice.”

He said that ” I had openly requested that Uzair Baloch be handed over to the Rangers. There was a fear that the powerful mafia would kill Uzair Baloch in the custody of the Sindh government.”Ali Zaidi said that Uzair Baloch had also expressed threat from mafia after giving confessional statement in JIT.

He said that 250 innocent people were killed in Baldia factory tragedy. In JIT, it was suggested that the FIR of Baldia Factory tragedy be re-registered.

He asked why the Sindh government had been sleeping for 4 years. “I played my part for my city, I raised my voice for all those affected by gang wars and terrorists, and I risked my family’s security and everything for that.”

The Federal Minister also said that the law enforcement agencies have issued a threat alert for me and my family,”I will take this matter to the Supreme Court. Honorable judges will give justice after seeing all the evidence.”