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Operation Launched to Evacuate Faizabad Interchange

Islamabad (November 25, 2017): Police in collaboration with law enforcement agencies finally launched operation to evacuate the Faizabad interchange as the protesters turned a deaf ear to the several deadlines given by the government.

Police resorted to tear-gas shelling to disperse the protesters. Police, FC and Rangers launched the operation after the final dead line given by the government expired at 7 am today.The protesters are evacuating the Faizabad Interchange and security forces moving forward. Police and LEAs taking the protesters into custody. While the protesters were pelting stones on the security forces. After the resistance, police and the security forces came back on previous positions.At least 30 protesters were taken into custody, whereas many police personnel were injured due to stone-pelting.

Commenting on the forthcoming developments, Asmatullah Junejo the assistant inspector-general (AIG) for police said the Security officials and law enforcement agencies have evacuated Faizabad ahead of the impending operation.

“We will clear the area today in line with the court’s orders,” Junejo said, adding that they “will try our best to make there is no fatality”.Earlier, Islamabad’s district administration on Friday issued a final warning to protesters camped out at the Faizabad Interchange to disperse, threatening to take action if the order was not heeded.According to the details, while implementing the Islamabad High Court’s order on Friday, the district administration in Islamabad has issued final warning to sit-in protestors in Faizabad to clear the main road by 7am today.

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In the final notice, the district administration has warned that operation will be launched against the protesters after 7 am and the protesting party will be responsible if any mishap occurred.

In the missive, the district magistrate noted that for more than two weeks the protesters have illegally occupied the Faizabad Bridge, which connects Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The notification recalls that the participants have been asked to disperse thrice before but to no avail.

“The Parade Ground located near the Faizabad Interchange has been allocated for protests,” the notification states.

If the participants do not vacate the area by midnight, an operation will be launched against them, the District Magistrate has warned.

“If an operation is launched, the onus will be on the participants and leaders of the protest,” the notification further warns.

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