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Operation Seized At Pakistan Quarters Over CJP Orders

Karachi (October 24, 2018): Governor Sindh Contacts Chief Justice which results in stoppage of the ongoing operation at Pakistan Quarters.

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Earlier, the eviction of dwellers of Pakistan Quarters became a mess as tension increased between the Police and the inhabitants. Numerous people were reported injured due to Police Shelling and baton-charge.

According to the details, when the heavy Police force reached the area in the morning for the eviction process, the inhabitants of the area started to protest and created obstacles in order to stop the Police.

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When the Police made their way through the obstacles to reach the scene and marched their steps towards the homes in the Pakistan Quarters, colossal quarrelling began between the dwellers and the Police force.

This led to the usage of baton-charge and water-canon over the protestors, as a result, some people were arrested by the Police and numerous people were injured due to baton-charge too.

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