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Opponents of Usman Buzdar Admits His Performance Against Coronavirus

LAHORE: The opponents of the Buzdar government who were used to of criticizing it has now persuaded that Chief Minister Punjab showing the best performance are fighting with the global pandemic with iron hands.

As per a column of the local daily, the Column writers in their columns in local dailies who were used to of criticizing the Buzdar government are now admitting that Usman Buzdar has astonished all by taking effective and solid measures against the coronavirus.

According to the column the CM Punjab has foreseen the risk and sped up the pace against the coronavirus.

Usman Buzdar presides meeting while remaining on the front-line against the war, takes timely decisions and visits hospitals and other areas.

It can be seen clearly he has shown the best performance in situation came out after corornavirus surfaced.

All the matters are in total gripped of him and he has risen to the front in the crisis situation.