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Opposition Holds Strong Protest In Parliament Over Non Issuance of Production Orders

ISLAMABAD: The opposition kept on a protest within and outside of the parliament against non-issuance of the production orders of detained leaders of the opposition as well arrest of them.

As expected in the scenario of ex-opposition leader Khursheed Shah arrest yesterday the National Assembly session remained tense since its beginning.

Ex premier Raja Pervez Asharaf demanded the Speaker National Assembly (NA) Asad Qaiser to call Khursheed Shah in the assembly after issuing his production orders and asked him about allegations levelled on him adding that it is the duty of the speaker to bring the detained members in the assembly.

The opposition members chanted slogans of shame, shame against the arrest of Khursheed Shah while deputy Speaker Qasim Shah Suri at the occasion warned the PPP members that no one should have any doubts on his loyalty with the parliament adding that Raja Pervez Asharaf has expressed his reservation over the Khursheed Shah issue and let the session proceed but the opposition members didn’t heed to it.

Former defence minister said that others elite of the country protects interests of the fellow members but politicians are in front for enmity with each other adding that the protection of this parliament lies in protections of prerogative which detained opposition members including Khursheed Shah have added that God forbid if tomorrow bad time comes to PTI then we will stand with it.

The incumbent government member Murad Saeed said that when he saw black strips on the opposition members arms then he thought that they had done so in protest against Indian atrocities on Kashmiris while criticising the opposition he said that sometimes they talked of Sindhudesh, some time Seraike land and some they talked of Pakhtunistan and now Kashmiris are looking towards the parliament.

Murad kept on lambasting the opposition members he said that it was the PML-N members who declared Khursheed Shah as a meter reader and it was the PML-N interior minister in its government told the assembly that same account provided money to Bilawal and Ayan Ali adding that it was the PML-N who had talked of dragging Zardari.

When Ahsan Iqbal not allowed to respond on Murad Saeed adress then the opposition members surrounded the speaker rostrum while the Deputy Speaker talking firm approach not allowed Ahsan Iqbal to talk.

JUI-F member Asad Mahmood condemning Khursheed Shah arrest said that it seems from the NAB action that it is dominant institution instead of the parliament adding that the present government is not a political it behaves as the NAB spokesperson within the parliament while the NAB turns the government spokesperson outside the parliament.