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Opposition Vehement Protest Over Hike in Petroleum Prices in Senate

ISLAMABAD: Opposition in Upper house of the parliament vehemently protested over the price hike in petroleum prices advent of the sacred month of Ramzan while opposition walked out from the session as a protest as Chairman Senate did not permit debate on the issue on immediate basis.

Senate session was presided over by Chairman Saddiq Sanjrani.

On start of the session, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senator Javed Abbasi raised the issue of increase in petroleum products and inflation and said that the government bombarded the masses with the petrol bomb adding that commodity prices around the world decreased advent of Ramzan for respect but poor masses are bombarded with inflation before the sacred month.

At this, treasury members stood on their seats and insisted to run the session as per the agenda, however, Leader of the house, Shibli Faraz said that the house has turned princely state adding that Javed Abbassi disturbed the house and urged the members to let the house proceeding continue.

Over the Leader of the house remarks, the opposition members walked out from the house while holding a protest and making an uproar.

At the occasion, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) senator Yousuf Badini pointed towards a quorum of the house and chairman suspended the session for half hour when he found quorum uncomplete.

Shibli Faraz efforts to persuade the opposition members not bore fruit and the Chairman Senate adjourned the session till tomorrow 11 am.

Earlier, Senator Atiq Shiekh presented anti-money laundering bill 2019 in the house while elaborating aims and purpose of the bill, the senator said that whole of the world is trying to stop money laundering adding that the country is facing FATF due to the money laundering and FIR can be lodged against the money laundering after the bill.

Chairman Senate forwarded the bill to the respective committee while the same senator also presented amendment bill in criminal laws for punishment over cheque bounce.

Senator Sherry Rehman presented an amendment bill for article 84 of the constitution while the Chairman Senate forwarded the bill to the respective committee despite the protest of treasury benches.