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Orlando: Shooter’s father apologizes to US masses

The man who shot to dead as many as 50 people in Orlando’s night club, Umar Mateen, his father Mir Siddique has apologized to the US people over his son’s horrific act.

Mir Siddique apologized to the US people talking  in an interview aired on the US T.V channel adding that his son Umar Mateen had so much hate for homosexual.

Mir Siddique requested to the US masses that they should not connect his son act to Islam adding that he is so much embarrassed at his son’s bloody act.

He further said that Umar had divorced his wife and he has three-years-old son.

While his former wife said that he was mentally imbalanced  and she was come to his contact 8 years back via internet adding that he used to beat his wife on little matters.

It was also revealed that Umar Mateen was trained security officer having proper licence.