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Oscar Awards: Film ‘Spotlight’ wins best film award

Oscar colorful ceremony has ended, during which ‘Spotlight’ was declared as best film of the year, due to which Actor Leonardo Dicaprio and Brie Larson also won best male and female actors awards.

The Oscar award ceremony was held in Dolbey Theatre of Los Angeles, for which the film starts have been waiting the whole year. The film ‘Spotlight’ won best film and best original screen play awards. At last Leonardo Dicaprio succeeded to win Oscar award. He was given Oscar award for his splendid performance in the movie ‘The Revenant’, while Brie Larson was declared best female actress for her best performance in film Rome.

Mark Reliance secured best supporting actor award, while Alicia Vikandor won best supporting actress award. The director of film ‘The Revenant’ Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu won best director of academy award. The big shot won best adopted screenplay trophy. Inside out was best animated movie of the year.