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Osman Khalid Butt Disapproves of #MardMarch on Twitter

WEB DESK: Gender equality has been the ‘it’ topic ever since last week’s Aurat March. Across the nation, thousands of women from all religions, castes and creeds, came forth to ask for their rights.

They marched across all major cities of Pakistan, chanting slogans and brandishing placards that called for the end of patriarchy.

Unfortunately, some of the posters and chants have rubbed some people the wrong way. Many thought them to be a tad bit over the top, if not all around vulgar. In retaliation, they have started a new counter-movement for men called Mard March.

But Osman Khalid Butt is having none of that. The ever-outspoken actor took to Twitter on Tuesday to call out all those upset by Aurat March.

“Mard March…because some men get their panties in a twist over women exercising their right to speak out for one damn day. Oh, did I say panties? I mean boxer briefs. Manly boxer briefs. So man, much wow. Did their placards offend you? It’s just locker room talk,” he tweeted.

Men are planning a Mard March in response to the Aurat March that took place last week.