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Outage Duration Exceeds 10 hours

Karachi: Duration of power outages by K-electric has reached up to 10 hours in Karachi as the temperature in Karachi soaring which made people lives a completely hell.

K-electric has kept on the worst load-shedding in the metropolis as hide and seek of electricity continued through out night in Defence, Khyabane Hillal, Khyabane Badar, Khayabane Sahar, Gulshane Iqbal, North Karachi, North Nazimabad, Liaqutabad, Landhi, Korangi.

Due to which people spent the humid night out of their houses like foot path and open areas.

As per the K-electric repair work is being continued at the Bin Qasim power plant while temporary load management is being done in some areas.