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Over 90,000 Dog Bite Cases Reported in Punjab in a Year

LAHORE: A resolution expressing concern over the incidents of 90,000 stray dogs being bitten in a year in Punjab was submitted to the Punjab Assembly.

The resolution was submitted by PML-N member Sadia Teymour. The resolution said that 450,000 stray dogs have become a symbol of fear in Punjab. In a year, more than 90,000 dog bites have occurred in Punjab.

The resolution submitted by the female member of the league said that in a city like Lahore, there are 38,000 stray dogs. Every other day, an incident of stray dog ​​bite comes to light in a city.

The resolution said that shelters should be set up for stray dogs. Instead of destroying stray dogs, safe zones should be set up for them so that citizens can be protected from dog bites.