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PA Session: Sugar Mills did not payment farmers last year

LAHORE: Sugar mill owners did not make any payments to the farmers last year. This was disclosed during the session of the Punjab Assembly.

The Session started after a delay of over eight hours and was chaired by Deputy Speaker Sher Ali Gorchani. During the session replies to questions over Food, Industry and Trade a nd investment were given and at times opposition members berated the ministers for not giving the answers.

At one point in time the actiong speaker asked provincial minister Industry Chaudhary Shafiq to keep sitting if he had no answers.

Opposition member Amir Sultan Cheema said that four Sarghoda sugar mills have not yet paid Rs 320 million to the farmers.

Punjab Food Minister Bilal Yasin confessed that directions are given to make payments to farmers while FIR has also been registered against the sugar mills owners.

Opposition members twice pointed to lack of quoram after which the acting speaker adjourned the session till 3 p.m. Monday.