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Padmavati Controversy, Body Found Hanging Near Jaipur Fort

Jaipur (November 26, 2017): The Bollywood movie that has sparked rage along with death threats directed towards the cast and crew, the controversy surrounding Bhansali’s latest venture ‘Padmavati’ has taken an ugly turn as a body was found hanging from the ramparts of a fort located in Jaipur.

Alongside the cadaver was a stone inscription in Hindi that read: “We don’t just hang effigies.” Below the sentence was scratched “Padmavati”.

After legal investigations completed, police identified the body belonging to a man named Chetan Saini, 40.Chetan’s brother however expressed disbelief and horror when inquired if it was an attempted suicide. He said, “My brother cannot commit suicide, it appears to be murder. We will demand an investigation into the death. He has nothing to do with it (the note written on the rocks).”

The film that has remained engulfed with violent protests initiated by Rajput fringe group, the movie’s release and premiere (originally scheduled for Dec 1) has been postponed indefinitely. Protestors believe that the filmmakers have distorted history and portrayed Rani Padmini (played by actress Deepika Padukone) in a negative light.