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UN Credibility At Stake on Palestine, Kashmir Issues: Lodhi

New York (January 26, 2018): Pakistan s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi said on Friday that Pakistan will continue to provide moral support to Kashmir and Palestine.

“Pakistan will continue to support the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian and Kashmiri people,” she asserted.

Speaking during the debate in the UN Security Council on the Middle East, she criticized them for not being able to comply with the resolutions pertaining to Kashmir and Palestine.“The UN Security Council must ensure implementation of its own resolutions on Palestine and Kashmir,” urged Maleeha Lodhi.

The ambassador maintained that the world no longer trust the international organization anymore.

Maleeha said that no other solution other than the resolutions of United Nations is acceptable to Pakistan.“The Middle East will only see peace if it is built on the foundation of justice,” she added.

“Occupiers have no case to make other than to create alternate facts. All legislative and administrative measures taken by the occupying power to alter the character and status of Jerusalem are ‘null and void’,” she affirmed.

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